D001 ” NKOTB “

Sunburn D001 “New Kids On The Beach” is a 12-piece collection with a strong focus on everyday essentials. Highlighting our Jungle Hat in green, as well as our Corduroy pants in black or navy that you can use for outdoor activities.

This go-around idea is to be as open and obvious as possible of summertime flavors. It focuses heavily on the idea of rebirth and transition, using art to release the fear, achieve the ego death, come together, and fight back while referencing to our favorite music and disaster of the natural kind. You may think that it is just all about having fun and games on this shore, but there is so much more than just the sun, surf, and sand. There’s people, history and culture to share and evolve. So drop by, have a drink, share a wave or two, share the love and shed the egos.

Photo : Rubben Panggabean