D003 “Island of Mystic” – Behind The Design


Sunburn unveils its third collection, “Island of Mystic,” a captivating blend of folklore and contemporary culture inspired by the fascination of diverse identities. This enchanting ensemble showcases intricately crafted garments with progressive designs, lively colors, and meticulous details, encapsulating the essence of adventure and the mysterious.

Featuring versatile styles suitable for different occasions, the premium garments draw inspiration from a color palette derived from exotic landscapes, resulting in a visually stunning and harmonious range. The collection is now accessible for purchase on www.sunburnindo.com and our e-commerce extends an invitation to our tribe to immerse themselves in the enchanting magic of the Island of Mystic.



Dirk is a person who always love to claim everything that valuable and antique for his own.In a town called Nusantara known for its charm, Dirk, consumed by insatiable greed, heard whispers of a priceless artifact hidden away. Driven by the allure of wealth, he ventured into a Museum, where the rumored treasure lay. Enchanted by the treasure’s allure, Dirk ignored a spooky warning and took numerous artifacts to his hometown, claiming them as his own.



Ritual sacrifice is a practice found in many cultures and religions throughout history. It involves the intentional offering or destruction of something, often an animal, symbolic object, or human itself, as part of a spiritual ceremony. The purpose of ritual sacrifice varies widely and can include appeasing deities, seeking divine favor, cleansing rituals, or. expressing devotion.




Discovery of ancient cave art in the Maros region of Sulawesi, Indonesia. The cave art found in this region is among the oldest known examples of representational art created by early humans. One of the notable caves in this area is Leang Bulu’s Sipong, where archaeologists discovered paintings depicting various scenes, including animals and human figures. These paintings are estimated to be around 40,000 years old, making them some of the earliest known examples of figurative art created by Homo sapiens. The discovery is significant because it pushes back the timeline for the creation of complex art forms and suggests that early humans had the capacity for symbolic thinking and expression much earlier than previously thought.




Introducing the Sunburn Oval shirt, crafted for those who embrace simplicity, where the style converges with meaning in a single, iconic mark. With the spirit of individuality, the pulse of modern expression and the timeless allure of quality craftmanship. This shirt is your daily essential for comfort and versatility.




The representation of the ancestral sun in cultural artifacts stands as a profound form of expression, intricately woven into the fabric of a culture’s identity. This symbolic motif serves as a visual testament to the profound connection that a community maintains with its roots and ancestral wisdom. As a recurrent theme in various forms of artistic expression, this symbolic sun transcends the realm of mere aesthetics, carrying layers of cultural significance and conveying a narrative that extends through time.




Holy Channel is about the tribe deeply connected to the divine, beckoning the tribe to join together in a celestial dance. Their dance, an artistic expression of unity, became a living tableau inspired by Matisse’s bold strokes. The God of Fire, intertwined in a radiant ballet, transformed into a symbol of hope and inspiration for the entire tribe, creating a legacy of warmth and togetherness that transcended the canvas of their world.




Precision refers to the quality of being exact, accurate and meticulous in performing a task or achieving a goal. Inspired by Arjuna, one of the five Pandava princes and is regarded as one of the greatest archers and warriors in mythology.



Sometimes described as a universal life force or energy that permeates the cosmos and is essential for life, consciousness, and spiritual growth. While there’s recognition of various forms of energy in physics, such as electromagnetic energy and gravitational energy, the idea of a specific, mythical cosmic energy is not a concept supported by scientific evidence.



Wijaya Kusuma, was said to unfurl its petals only under the cloak of night. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the Wijaya Kusuma would awaken, its pristine white blooms exuding an otherwordly fragrance that perfumed the air with the essence of magic. The Wijaya Kusuma became a symbol of purity and mysticism, often associated with the visitation of celestial spirits during the nocturnal hours. It was believed that those fortunate enough to witness the flower’s blooming were bestowed with a blessing from the ethereal realm.



Phrases are often used to express a sense of deep emotion, passion, or a strong connection to something meaningful. It can be associated with various aspects of human experience, including music, culture, spirituality, and personal identity.



Kuda Lumping is a traditional Javanese dance from Indonesia. Dancers, usually male, use a horse prop made of bamboo, symbolizing a ‘flat horse’. This dance is performed during special occasions and involves a trance-like state where dancers may act as if possessed by spirits. Accompanied by traditional music and colorful customes, Kuda Lumping combines cultural and artistic elements in celebrations and ceremonies.”



“I am one among the people, possessing the knowledge to discern and find what I seek. What I pursue, I claim as my own. I have the ability to conceal myself within shadows, and my teeth are sharp enough to slice through bone. I move with equal ease on both four legs and two. I am the Hunter.”



Warriors, beyond their physical prowess, are spiritually attuned individuals who seek balance, harmony and a connection to the spiritual realm. Rituals, ceremonies and a deep respect for sacred traditions are integral to their lives. Their journey transcends the material world, guided by the stars of the spiritual realm, where rituals become hymns, ceremonies become prayers and traditions weave their stories into the tapestry of eternity.


A Guardian Spirit is often seen as a benevolent and proactive supernatural being of force that watches over and guides an individual, a family, or a community. These spirits are thought to provide assistance, protection, and guidance in times of need. The idea of guardian spirit serves as a source of comfort and support for many individuals, providing a sense of connection to something greater than themselves and a belief that they are not alone in facing life’s challenges.